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Hotel Maroantsetra

Hotel Maroantsetra

le relais du masoala hotel

Located at less than two kilometres from the city of Maroantsetra, Le Relais du Masoala Hotel is laying out on the borders of a picturesque bay. Its swimming pool magnificently designed in the heart of a tropical garden is one of the conveniences that give it its charm. Its restaurant, which gives a hospitable welcome to its guests, also offers succulent dishes and wine. The three daily meals are served skilfully in that restaurant. Le Relais du Masoala Hotel is a key stage to help discover the boundless nature of the northwest coasts of Madagascar. From there, the tourists can get to Nosy Mangabe or to the National Park of Masoala for a journey of escape and discovery.

The Hippocampe Hotel

The noise caused by the waves of the Indian Ocean is a sweet awakening for the residents at the Hippocampe Hotel in Maroantsetra. Located near the natural reserve of Nosy Mangabe, this complex is also set right in the middle of other natural curiosities such as the National Park of Masoala. The very nice garden houses three wooden spacious cottages. This complex has a storeyed bungalow which can lodge large families. Apart from being furnished with comfortable beds, the rooms are also ventilated. They comprise each a private bathroom as well as individual toilets. The bar-restaurant is laid out near a biological swimming pool whose natural green colour o the water calls for a swim without hesitation.

The Lodge Hippocampe

The Lodge Hippocampe is located in the small original village of Ambodiforaha in Maroantsetra. Constructed quite close by the Masoala Park, this hotel gives the opportunity to go trekking around the theme of discovery of the nature all the holiday long. The small plus of the hotel are provided by its proprietors through their way of fully organizing the excursions. The visitors can also take the opportunity of reach the coast of Nosy Mangabe to enjoy trekking in different ways. In addition, the Lodge Hippocampe also has a luxury restaurant for the breakfast, the lunch, and the dinner.

The Arollodge

The Arollodge is an establishment called with a lilting name and offering eight bungalows in the very heart of the National Park of Masoala. In Maroantsetra, this stage is above all appreciated for the comfort of its bungalows, especially its family rooms equipped with bathrooms, separate toilets, and hot water. The Arollodge serves a carefully prepared cuisine in its large restaurant with luxury and conviviality. Both the French and Malagasy specialities are served to offer an exceptional culinary journey to the gourmets on holiday in this establishment. The hotel has its own bread oven where its chef prepares sweet and salty delights every day.

Right in the town centre of Maroantsetra is nested the Hôtel du Centre and its small thatched bungalows. Ideal for the visitors who want to deal carefully with their budget for holiday, this establishment offers the nights at a special price either for a short stay or a long holiday. All categories taken together, the bungalows comprise sanitations and toilets. As a departure point for the jaunt in the Cape of Masoala, the Hôtel du Centre prepares the trekkings adapted to all tastes. For the stroll in the immediate surroundings of the hotel, it is often recommended to pass by the constantly busy market place in the city.

Un séjour atypique à Maroantsetra

À la lisière de la baie d’Antongil, au nord-est de Madagascar, se dresse le joyau de Maroantsetra.  Vivez un séjour inoubliable à la conquête de la côte de la vanille malgache.

Le village traditionnel

La principale compagnie aérienne de Madagascar dessert la ville de Maroantsetra plusieurs fois par semaine. Il convient cependant de réserver des places à l’avance, car la demande est élevée. Un périple en 4×4 en partance de Tamatave permet également d’accéder à ce bout de paradis niché au bord de l’océan Indien.  Dès votre arrivée à l’aéroport de Maroantsetra, découvrez la beauté de cette ville artisanale où les ateliers de préparation et de tressage de vanille agrémentent le paysage pittoresque de la cité aux mille sagaies.

Le parc national de Masoala

Ville de croisières, Maroantsetra est le point de départ des voyages idylliques en pirogue ou en vedette vers les ilots de Mangabe, Antalaviana, Itampolo et Ambanizana. Le site de Nirvana, le golfe au large de Maroantsetra est l’endroit idéal pour des excursions uniques au cœur des plantations de café, de vanille et de girofle. Le parc national de Masoala, la plus grande réserve naturelle de Madagascar étendue sur 230.000 ha. Doté de trois parcs marins couvrant une surface de 10.000 ha, il regorge de récifs coralliens, d’herbier et de Mangrove entourant la péninsule de Masoala.