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Hotel Vatomandry

Hotel Vatomandry

Kenjy Hotel

The Kenjy Hotel is located right in the town centre of Vatomandry, in the vicinity of all the conveniences. Four comfortable, welcoming rooms are put at the disposal of the clientele in its main building constructed on the side of the road. The establishment also has lots of bungalows which can house each up to 12 persons. The detached bungalows overlook a reposeful garden. The hotel is set in the vicinity of the beach of Vatomandry. The Kenjy Hotel is a sanctuary of the rest after the strolls over the Pangalanes Canal. In such a calm, convivial setting, the Kenjy restaurant offers Malagasy and Chinese specialities. Having a capacity of 28 place settings, the restaurant serves a carefully prepared and family cuisine.

Le Reseda Hotel

The discretion of Le Reseda Hotel practically builds up the whole charm of this establishment. Set in a park with a garden planted with trees, this two-star hotel puts at the disposal of the visitors who have come to Vatomandry lots of comfortable, welcoming bungalows which can houses people on trip, guests coming in pairs or with family. The accommodations are tastefully decorated to guarantee an unforgettable stay for the guests. The location of Le Reseda Hotel allows the residents to reach the necessary services in the town after only a few minutes’ walk. Suitable for relation and change of scenery, Le Reseda Hotel is a place to experience in Vatomandry for the stopover of strolling over the Pangalanes Canal.

Zazah Robert

Located in the north area of Vatomandry, the Zazah Robert Hotel offers different types of accommodations to its guests. Offered through the rooms, the bungalows or the camping site, 15 accommodations are available to guarantee a completely comfortable stays. About thirty air-conditioned rooms are arranged in a structure in the American style. The 15 traditional bungalows overlook the Sandrananongy River. The restaurant of Zazah Robert has a capacity of about a hundred place settings, offering world specialities passing by the Malagasy cuisine. A gastronomic cuisine is suggested in addition to the snack shop and the pizzeria. The establishment houses the only discotheque of the city as well as the only swimming pool.

le grand hôtel

A star establishment of Vatomandry, Le Grand Hôtel invites for easiness and relaxation. 15 comfortably equipped rooms are put at the disposal of the clientele. The conviviality and the simplicity of the establishment make up all its charm. Between trekking and moments on the beach, the guests can enjoy copious dishes in the restaurant Le Grand Hôtel. The restaurant has a capacity of 60 place settings in a cheerful atmosphere. Apart from the Malagasy dishes, the chef concocts very varied meals. The restaurant of Le Grand Hôtel is also known for its Asian, Chinese, Creole and French specialities which are among others composed of seafood and grilled meat.

espace constellation

A modest establishment in Vatomandry, the Espace Constellation comprises about twenty rooms equipped with the necessary conveniences for a pleasant stay. Classified as a guest house, the establishment has a restaurant, a snack shop as well as a bar. The restaurant suggests a very varied gastronomic cuisine. Seafood based copious dishes are served at the restaurant of the Espace Constellation which has a capacity of 100 place settings. Offering the Malagasy, European, Vietnamese or Italian specialities, the snack shop and the pizzeria also provide excellent alternatives to enjoy eating. The cake shop offers all kinds of delights while the bar suggests a large selection of cocktails and arranged rums.

Vatomandry, entre plages et forêt tropicale

À 200 kilomètres de Tamatave, une ville de l’est et à 300 kilomètres d’Antananarivo, la capitale, Vatomandry est le rendez-vous incontournable d’un séjour atypique loin du brouhaha des grandes villes.

Une nature luxuriante

Fondé au XIIIe siècle, Vatomandry, littéralement « pierres endormie » tire son appellation de deux grands rochers noirs émergeant d’un lac à quelques mètres du rivage.  Vagabondez au gré des plages paradisiaques et d’une tranquillité absolue pour être au summum de votre détente. Privilégiée par la proximité du canal des Pangalanes et les brises de l’océan Indien créant de superbes vagues, Vatomandry est un site dédié aux activités nautiques diverses. Le surf y prime largement. Située à l’orée de la forêt tropicale de l’est de Madagascar, la station est idéale pour se changer les idées à travers les randonnées pédestres et les balades en deux roues.

Les croisières fluviales

Jouxtant le canal des Pangalanes à quelques kilomètres, Vatomandry est le point de départ des croisières fluviales vers les sites exceptionnels situés à proximité. Le petit port fluvial situé au niveau du bras du canal est un endroit atypique autorisant à souhait les excursions plaisantes. Ce dernier conduit à une dune de mer où une escale passionnante s’impose. Un détour au parc naturel privé situé à 9 kilomètres du village principal vous fera passer un agréable moment au cœur d’une nature verdoyante.